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/r/NFL has quickly become the best sports discussion forum on the web

With another NFL season coming to a close, I have to say, this was one of the best. No, not because of the Ravens winning; a team that I’m relatively impartial toward. No, not because the Hawks look like they’ve really formed a complete Superb Owl contending team for at least the next season or […]

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The Worst Advantages

“You don’t really climb, you just reach.” I hear this a lot at my local climbing gym. I’m a pretty tall guy at 6’4″ with a massive reach, so one might assume that it’s pretty easy for me just to reach up past any terrible holds to the good stuff. And when I was first […]

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The Worst Product Placements on TV

This week’s episode of NBC’s The Office had the most blatant product placement for an unnamed espresso machine company. With lines like “These things make perfect espresso every time!” and “I want to try all the flavors!” it was impossible for me to watch the rest of the episode without wondering what else was being […]

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The Infinite Loop

Two things: First… About two months ago I committed to learn JavaScript as my first OOP language. Despite dozens of frustrating moments where I felt like this effort was futile (I have felt like this on numerous occasions), I am still on course and learning something new every day. Tangible progress and understanding have both […]

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The Patent Patent Troll

My best ideas always come late at night. But this one surely takes the cake. For the good of the land, I am going to patent the process of an NPE (non-practicing entity) threatening to sue. If this all goes to plan, the next time you or your startup get that threatening letter from some […]

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Guide to Riding King County Metro Buses with Fresh Reggie

Let’s all take a quick pause and let “Fresh Reggie” break it down for us on how all you cool county cats are supposed to ride the bus. No internet? No sweat, baby! I’d love to say this is King County’s attempt to drown out my guide to riding the bus, but I’m pretty certain […]

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My First Week on Code Academy

With Code Academy down right now, I thought, “What a perfect time to write a quick recap of my first week putting my head down each night and using it to learn Javascript!” I heard of Code Academy about a year ago and knew at some point I’d get the motivation to hop on board […]

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Wedding Footage

We recently got our wedding video footage back from my very talented cousin, Stephan Gray of Gray Matter Productions. To say we were happy with it would be a gross understatement. See for yourself:

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I Have a Great Idea, But It’s Already Been Done

“Most things still remain to be done — a glorious future!” – Ingvar Kamprad Very rarely am I not fixated on a new idea. My wife often catches me staring off into space, but I swear my mind is racing a mile a minute. “What if we could do X with Y? How much more […]

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Movember is Here

I have never tried to grow a mustache before. Because first and foremost, if I go more than two weeks without shaving (yes, I can do that without anything on my face resembling even the slightest beard), I start getting worried looks from mothers and suspicious stares from local law enforcement. But for a good cause (and to […]

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