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New Content Project Launched

Just a quick FYI — I have launched a new side project that I’m really going to be focusing heavily on for the next few months. What is it, you ask? Well… let me tell you! I have recently launched….. The Best of Netflix This new project of mine will be a place where I’ll […]

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/r/NFL has quickly become the best sports discussion forum on the web

With another NFL season coming to a close, I have to say, this was one of the best. No, not because of the Ravens winning; a team that I’m relatively impartial toward. No, not because the Hawks look like they’ve really formed a complete Superb Owl contending team for at least the next season or […]

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My First Week on Code Academy

With Code Academy down right now, I thought, “What a perfect time to write a quick recap of my first week putting my head down each night and using it to learn Javascript!” I heard of Code Academy about a year ago and knew at some point I’d get the motivation to hop on board […]

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Wedding Footage

We recently got our wedding video footage back from my very talented cousin, Stephan Gray of Gray Matter Productions. To say we were happy with it would be a gross understatement. See for yourself:

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Where the IMDB Top 250 Movies Were Filmed

Brilliant mapping of where the top 250 movies (from IMDB) were filmed. New York and Los Angeles of course dominate, but was surprised to see so many exotic locations as well (Greenland… who knew?!): (via Travelex Currency Exchange).

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How Many People Cycle to Work in Your State?

As a seasonal cyclist — barely am I able to keep up with JamazingĀ and his uncanny ability to ride no matter the weather — I thought this data was ridiculously awesome and interesting. It breaks down each state and ranks a variety of factors related to cycling. Click to launch the full version: (via BikeGuard).

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10 best movies about hacking (using the term loosely), part 1

So I’m sitting around on a Sunday night when all of the sudden AntiTrust comes on TV. Having not seen the movie for a while, I was pleasantly surprised by how relatively accurate their depiction of computer code was. And besides being disappointed in finding out that Skullbocks is, to this day, still not a […]

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The Wire | An Algorithm for the Fans

As a middle class white guy who likes to pretend he understands life and culture on the street, The Wire was everything I needed to pretend like I was part of “the game.” From learning what “the count” was, to figuring out that I never wanted to “get got,” the life and times of the […]

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