Microsoft Isn’t Wrong, Your Boss is Just a Jerk

Recently the tech world has been exploding in anger over Microsoft’s newest 365 campaign and what it encourages. People have also been taking to the internet complaining about how Microsoft is misguided in it’s promotional efforts here, but I completely disagree.

Sure, it’s an absolutely terrible thing in reality; encouraging people to work around the clock, never putting their phone down, ignoring their children to respond to an email, etc… But the fact of the matter is, it’s a really effective campaign.

Microsoft isn’t marketing this product to the actual workers on display in these ads. This is directed specifically toward decision makers and folks who hold the purse strings. The people who want to squeeze every penny out of their workforce.

Think of it this way: these images plant the seed in the mind of management that, “Hey, with Office 365, there is no excuse for my team to NOT be able to do a quick bit of work late at night or during their kid’s soccer game!”

This sells.

So… sure, Microsoft might be at fault for encouraging this as a possibility and the reality of that is a nasty thought, but the campaign is simply communicating a very clear message to the people who are going to pull the trigger on “365” culture. Those people are the ones to blame.

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