The ABCs of My Browsing History

There is almost no point in making this list — but seeing as I very rarely clear my browsing history, I thought it would be fun to type each letter of the alphabet individually into my browser bar to see what website comes up first.

Here are the results:

A – — Most likely for looking at the dismal traffic stats of my own website

B – — I make sure to type in anytime I need to check my bank account because I heard from a firsthand source that it drives their marketing department crazy as it lowers the value of the Bank of America brand

C – — Not all junk, but definitely some junk

D – — My current place of employment

E – — Mostly for checking the dismal scores of my Baltimore Orioles (this year will be different, right?)

F – — Despite the dwindling engagement, I think we all know everyone checks it several times a day

this is why we all still check Facebook

G – — My cousin’s video production site that I built severalĀ  years ago, he produces some legit stuff

H – — Some of the smartest and dumbest people all in the same room

I – — The best image host on the web

J – — Jay’s site has been under construction for well over six months, guess I don’t visit a lot of sites with the letter “j”

K – — Seattle has been having some stellar weather lately, and I’ve apparently been staring at the reports daily

L – — My friend’s new design site

M – (redirects) — It’s now “play” or something like that, but m still works just fine

N – — See above

O – — Love seeing the networking of the web on this handy site

P – — One day I’ll adopt a dog from here

Q – — This is QWOP, the creator can go to hell and die

R – — Was ridiculously surprised this wasn’t reddit, but Real Change News is an awesome local homeless resource

S – — You’re here

T – — I’ve gotten ridiculously good at typing t and hitting enter

U – — My reddit username

V – — Local climbing gym where I happen to be a member

W – — The login of the website you are currently on

X – — Always relevant. Always

Y – — It just is

Z – — Creators of Open Site Explorer as well as home to some great marketing discussions

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