Update on How to Rank Number One on Google, Guaranteed

Many of my fans and followers, the millions of you, know that I know how to rank number one on Google for anything.

Well it seems there are a few DOUBTERS out there — But I literally do not see how this is possible, as I clearly am ranking for some very powerful terms.

haters gonna hate

Go ahead… try me out… Search for the following terms and then try telling me I don’t know how to rank #1 on Google for anything:

  • Banana chalk prototype fighter grainy periwinkle horn
  • Alphabet beta¬†plausibility¬†gorilla cereal telephone tripping
  • Fun ripped quasar yellow nostalgic crisis zipper
  • Documentation forking heater baseball radio government mouse
  • A bird wearing a tucked in shirt

Now you can also rank number one on Google anytime you like!


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  1. Posted August 2, 2014 at 7:39 am | Permalink

    Hahaha the bird wearing a tucked in shirt one just made my morning! Joking aside though, some very impressive rankings there. I’ve got a client whos trying to rank for “the secret diary of a shaved albino alpaca from southern peru” but we just cant seem to crack it. Time to try and reverse engineer some of your awesome results

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