Go Mariners! This is the Year, Right?

Every year in Seattle, as the sun starts to come out for a few moments each week, and temperatures begin to trickle upwards slowly enough to just not notice it, everyone starts to get really excited about the baseball season. This is the year The Mariners are *totally* going to make the playoffs, right? I mean, they have to at this point?

Until the 2013 Seahawks won the Super Bowl in superb fashion, Seattle sports ranked as one of the most depressing cities in the world. Don’t worry, the following year, our NFL season fell right back into form. At least it’s easier than ever to stream NFL games online, right?

This upcoming Mariners season has been the first I’ve seen in the past few years where no everyone is predicting that we’re a shoe-in for the World Series.

Regardless, I think we’re all holding out for some positive signs this year. Last season was close, certainly, and it seems likely we’ll make a good run this year, but it doesn’t seem like anyone is holding their breath. Watch your favorite MLB team online here.

Go Mariners!

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