We should probably just enjoy all this sweet VC-subsidized stuff

I hear it a lot, that the world doesn’t need another food delivery service or ride sharing app.

But despite this general stance being commonplace, these businesses keep popping up, and VC money keeps finding its way into the bank accounts of these seemingly doomed ideas.

The cynicism is not without merit, certainly. Most of these companies will probably fail after they struggle to find profits. Some of the biggest names in the industry continue to bleed money, even at scale.

But maybe it’s best to think of this from a different perspective.

The other day, a friend said to me, with a hint of sarcasm, “what a world we live in, where I can order pie on my phone and it’s delivered in under an hour.” The thought suddenly hit me, that maybe it’s best to just enjoy this VC-subsidized services economy while it lasts instead of being so cynical about it.

We’re living in a time where it’s possible to get dinner delivered to your door for FREE, a world where the two major ride sharing services offer discount codes for rides at a cost just a bit more than bus fare, and we can get just about anything, including alcohol, a doctor, laundry delivery, etc,  at our front door in under an hour.

While it’s certainly easy to step back and think, “this definitely won’t last for long!” maybe that shouldn’t be our concern. Instead, let’s just enjoy the good times!

That coupon code for a free meal delivery? Take it!

The discount on a local massage parlor or yoga studio? Take it!

The free month of access to some new streaming service? Take it!

Let the chips fall where they may as these businesses figure out how to make money, that’s not our job as consumers.

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